Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Page Rank - That's how its done!

Ever notice how Google's Search Results look like shit every few months? Specifically when you are searching for something and you find no relevant sites based on a particular keyword search? The results you see are not just shit in your eyes; their shit in Google's eyes too.

Google's algo when it comes to PR (Page Rank) is quite simple and ingenious really. It works the opposite of they way a septic tank works. Septic tanks separate the solids from the liquids by letting the solids sink to the bottom. The shit is then sucked out periodically, leaving the liquid behind.

What Google does every few months is they start to let the SHIT float to the top. "Shit", being crappy sites, made for AdSense sites, sites with no content, etc. After a few weeks they scrape the shit off the top, and you are left with the liquid, in this case, the relevant sites.

Who would have thought it was that simple? Google is in the septic business.

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