Friday, March 30, 2007


Hostgator Multiple Class C SCAM

So HostGator advertises here that they are now offering, "Multiple Class C hosting".

Here is an excerpt from their most recent press release on the subject:

Customers are regularly asking Host Gator for multiple C Class capabilities because of their belief that Google will penalize sites that have the same C class and are linking to each other. With multiple C Class capabilities, customers no longer have to work with multiple hosting providers to overcome this problem and can consolidate all their sites with Host Gator.

Ah, ok, something I do not understand here. If Google really penalized people for hosting multiple sites on the same IP block, would they not also penalize sites that host with the same provider on the same NETBLOCK?

I mean HostGator can claim all day long that they give you multiple class C IP addresses for each site, however, these "multiple class C" IP's are all part of the same "NETBLOCK".

See here:

nslookup for shows the following IP:

A whois of this IP shows this IP belongs to

So while HostGator claims they can offer you IP's from different class C blocks, the blocks are all still owned by the same provider (not even HostGator), ie., "ThePlanet".

What I think is going on here is HostGator is playing on the ignorance of would be hacks and inexperienced SEO's that truly believe that Google penalizes sites because they are located on like IP addresses and or IP blocks... In reality if Google really penalized multiple sites in the same IP block, they would penalize like sites in the same NETBLOCK as well.

HostGator's claims are nothing more than a shallow marketing attempt to play on the ignorance of people that just do not know any better.

Aside from HostGator's obvious attempt to mislead people, they are also in violation of several ARIN rules as it concerns the proper and efficient dispersement of IP addresses. HostGator should be promoting name based virtual hosting, not IP based hosting, unless of course there are secure sites involved.

Don't be fooled by a company making false claims with regard to SEO.

In any event, here is a HostGator live chat session that expands more on the utterly useless information HostGator's sales staff have on the new promotion for the ignorant.

Sanjin: Welcome to HostGator Live Chat, how may I assist you?
SOME GUY: hey Sanjin
SOME GUY: please tell me more about your SEO hosting package
SOME GUY: the class C feature
Sanjin: We haven't released this package yet -- there is no information just yet.
SOME GUY: a reseller account with 20 different Class C IP's, 5 GB of space and 20 GB traffic
SOME GUY: what's the price ?
Sanjin: We haven't released any pricing yet.

Again, don't be fooled by this misrepresentation by HostGator.

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