Friday, June 22, 2007


Who will buy Yahoo?

some of the likely candidates are telcos, ie., the New AT&T. Computer companies, Apple. Or entertainment companies, Time Warner.

Why AT&T? AT&T acquired a decent stake in Yahoo by default in their merger with SBC. SBC owned 3% or more of Yahoo, and also maintains co-branding rights on high speed internet products as part of the deal. Given the growing number of broadband customers and the reach that a portal such as Yahoo could offer in terms of bundled services, it makes perfect sense for AT&T to grab up a hot property that could potentially boost their 'New AT&T" hype branding image, as the New Yahoo/AT&T".

Why Apple? Apple innovates, invigorates and I cannot think of a third thing to rhyme. Pictures this, "iHoo", the iPortal... Apple could completely blanket the known world with iTunes, and other such servies as iTV, by pushing such services through a hyper/hybrid subscription based version of Yahoo. Call it .Yahoo, in conjunction with Apple's large base of .Mac users, the increase in iTunes downloads, and Apple sales could triple over night.

Enter Time Warner? Sure, they have AOL, some say that was a mistake. I contend Time Warner sought to take AOL where SUN took Cobalt... out of business. For the sake of killing their competition, instead of competing on price, services and other areas, they bought their competition and have attempted to force a slow death much to the dismay of both investors, and customers. Enter Yahoo. By combining the search and portal nature with the already existing broadband services that Yahoo, AOL and even Time Warner through their Road Runner cable all share in common, you get the one thing Google lacks. A search, portal, entertainment, telephony, TV, and high speed broadband mega powerhouse. Forget the triple play. Instead of offering customers phone, internet and TV, now you offer them all this, and a way to search for just about everthing on your phone, TV and internet connection via AOTIMEWARNERHOO!!!

Thank you, and good night!

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