Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Google Fix your Broken SSL Certificate

It never cease to amaze me how some of the most technologically advanced companies are completely and utterly technologically inept.

Check out Google's SSL Cert for there Adsense page:

What the hell Google?

Actually, it's not broken per se, it's that you tried to go to AdSense without the "www", and it served the cert before redirecting you. I mean, still crappy site administration, they should be able to handle it.

What's MUCH worse is the way the images are set up on GWC, so you get a security message with every page hit. That one annoys the crap outta me. :D
I know, I omitted that.. But it is a pet peeve of mine.. www is the same as topleveldomain.com and visa versa.. It's all in Orielly and Associates "DNS and BIND". It's sloppy admin work indeed..
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