Monday, February 18, 2008


Alexa Ranks are decieving

Recently someone questioned my hosting services as being less than reliable, trustworthy or saleable because I did not have an Alexa ranking. Naturally I scoffed at this ignorant statement. However, it got me too thinking. There are probably a large number of people out there that actually base their purchasing decisions on an Alexa Ranking.

Let's just explore a few of the reasons this thinking is flawed.

1. Web Hosting Companies do not tend to get the large level of traffic to their home page that other popular sites do.

2. Web Hosting Companies do not tend to have a large audience of repeat visitors to their home page.

3. We Hosting Companies are not filled with ever changing content designed to cater to a repeat eater web audience, like a news or information site for instance.

4. While our hosting company has been in business almost 11 years now, the domain in question was only recently acquired and used to sell a new divisional consumer branded hosting product. That said, it stands to reason that a new domain owned by an old company is not going to appear to be "popular" to Alexa.

5. You need to actually have the Alexa Tool Bar installed and then visit these sites in question. How many people actually use that Tool Bar??? And of those that do, how many spend time visiting Hosting Web Sites?

6. Alexa ranks have been forever easily manipulated and as such are hardly the litmus test for a reliable web host.

It's truly sad that so many people thin this way. I really have to fault the SEO Industry for creating this air of mis-information and ignorance. Let's try to be a bit more responsible people... There are way too many hacks out there!

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