Monday, February 25, 2008


The ever changing site!

One of the biggest problems with directories are dead links.. What's worse however are those links that are still live but no longer contain the content they once did. For example, a travel site once listed in a travel directory now contains a porn site.

Do you move it to the appropriate location, or nuke it all together? Unless you've been notified by the site owner, nuke it. The site is not what it once was, nor is it appropriately listed, and it's domain name no doubt likely is not even remotely related to the sites newly changed content.

Having a site that has transformed to something other than what it once ways is just as bad as having a dead link in your directory.

A directory owner needs to be aware that his listings need to be checked not only when they are first listed, but periodically and at regular intervals to insure that the listings are what they once where.

I like to re-review sites quarterly, and find that doing so manually is the best way to insure you keep your directory as clean as possible.

Good luck!

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