Thursday, December 10, 2009


Directory Mirroring and the Directory Farmer

Just what is directory mirroring? Directory mirroring is a process by which directory farmers (as I call them) create a directory and then duplicate the listings by including them in another directory. And another, and another and so on.

For the most part, these directories are FREE. This allows the "directory farmer" to grow them from a small seed, which they then later clone and eventually sell.

The process of directory farming and cloning usually starts with a free php based directory script and more often than not a catchy .com name. The directory farmer spends a good deal of time promoting the directory and pumping it up. They may buy links in, list on various directory related forums and webmaster forums promoting their new directory.

After a short time the farmer becomes a cloner and duplicates the directories database and then creates a new directory site using the php based directory script of his or her choice. They change the template, and of course the domain name. The domain name typically tends to be a .info since they are extremely cheap.

At the end of the cloning process you now have a large populated and duplicated directory, which is generally already indexed quite well under the original .com directory name. The "FREE" listings are now changed to "PAID". Through in some bogus stats, nominal PR, and some light promotion, and the farmer turned cloner, now becomes the salesman.

These "mirrored" directories are then sold to the highest bidder at various crap hole webmaster forums. Total investment, mere pennies. The pay off? Huge, that is until the penalization starts and the duplicate content is recognized.

Then the directory salesmen become the directory farmer once more.

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