Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Technotranny and Googles Failure

So as one might do on a routine basis, I was conducting a very simple keyword search via Google. An "image search" as a matter of fact. My son is into HO Model Railroading now. We have a pretty impressive layout that I started while my wife was pregnant with our son. I wanted to share with him the wonders of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago that I had visited as a child.

One of the cool things I remember from my childhood was the awesome 3000 square foot train layout that the museum had. Built in the 40's originally, and later updated in the 80's, it was a huge inspiration to the minds of young and old who were into model railroading.

In 2002 that old layout was replaced with a much anticipated and larger layout that spanned the entire city of Chicago all the way to the suburbs, great plains and west coast.

In any event I had typed in the following search words into my Google Image Search:
"museum of science and industry train layout"

The results landed me to the following picture and site:

Now I ask, Google WTF does a picture of a transsexual (an ugly one at that) have to do with the Museum of Science and Industry? Or a train layout for that matter???

And now that we are on the subject, is this tranny site for real? I mean Jesus, look at this dude. Holy shit. No matter how gender confused you are, would you really go out in public looking like this? If you are not an attractive man, you are likely not going to be any more attractive as a female.

Back on the subject of Google. Why does Google spend so much time manipulating the search results for legitimate sites, including directories while missing crap like this? From dead links, broken sites, MFA sites and all the other irrelevant shit that pops up in every search one has to wonder just what the hell is going on.

Hell, just do a search for "museum of science and industry train layout new" and you'll find the following image in the first results:

Look at where that image leads? Its a wonderful Godaddy DOMAIN EXPIRED/RENEWAL page. In other words, more advertisement for a company from a Google link to a site that no longer exists.

There are case where I have done a Google Search only to find that 8 of the 10 first results were a combination of dead URL's and links to dormant, or vacant Godaddy Sites.

One has to really, REALLY wonder What the Hell is going on at GOOGLE???

Well, you're such a stunner that you only publish a baby picture.
Baby picture? Are you referring to the profile pic for the blog? That's not a baby picture. That's my kid.

What an enlightening comment. Thank you!
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