Friday, January 08, 2010


Monetizing a Directory - Part 3

Affiliate banners, towers, skyscrapers and or links. While not easily targeted or content based, placing high paying affiliate based ads from places like CJ (Commission Junction) for example is a great way to expand on your income generation.

The key to making this successful is to focus on one or two key high paying, and popular services or products that may grab the attention of your visitors. There are several high paying programs to choose from in the hosting, telephone and software areas. Products like internet phones, web hosting, and backup or PC based software are always quite popular with visitors and offer some of the highest payouts.

Placement of these banners / advertisements will also be key. Make sure you do not over inundate your site or visitors with more than 1 or 2 banners at a time. Place them in prominent locations wrapping around text/listings or categories so that they focus of attention is both on the ad and the content that the visitor is seeking.

Again, limit your concentration so that you do not overwhelm your visitor or create a spammy feel.

The following is an example of the placement of a 120 x 600 skyscraper placed along side the search results. As you can see in this example the visitors attention is directed down the length of the page of results following the ad in its entirety.

The visitors attention and focus is on both the listing results and the advertisement. The ad is inviting and fills the entire space insuring the user gets full view of it, while still being able to view their relevant search results.

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