Thursday, August 17, 2006


The history of Directories and Search Engines

I came across an interesting web site that has some nice reviews about popular search engines and web directories. The article dates from April of 2004, but it is quite interesting non-the less as much of what is said about each, still pertains today.

I found it quite interesting how "Google's Directory" (DMOZ) was referred to over and over as just that, ie., "Google's Directory", when in fact it is DMOZ.

The only thing "Google" about it, is the fact hat Google appears to rank sites in the directory according to PR as a qualifier for popularity.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


KingBloom Directory Announces Bulk Pricing

Since many of you may not know it, we offer Bulk Pricing for listings in the KingBloom Directory. This is especially useful for those that intend to have multiple listings in our directory, or Directory Submission Services that offer paid listings in "paid" directories.

If you offer such services, here is your chance to benefit from huge savings off regular listing prices.

BULK pricing

Basic Listings (normally $2)
20 and up $1/listing

Premium Listings (normally $5)
10 and up $4/listing
25 and up $3/listing
50 and up $2/listing

Super Premium Listings (normally $30)
5 and up $25/listing
10 and up $20/listing
50 and up $10/listing

(please note that there is still a sale on Super Premium Listings. That said, all Bulk Super Premiums are $10 for 5 and up - for a limited time)

For more information contact us today at

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


WEBxperience Directory - Nicely Done

As a directory owner one of the things I like to do often is look at other directories. I happened upon one recently that sparked my interest. I was immediately impressed by the aesthetic aspect of the directory. The use of iconographical representation of each main category, as well as thumbnails images of sites listed within the directory really went a long way towards pulling my eye deeper into the site.

What is the directory you ask? WEBxperience.

The directory is well organized, and categorized. There is very little clutter, which really impressed me for a directory site which relies heavily on imagery. WEBxperience is edited by a number of people which are featured on the site.

Apparently WEBxperience has been around for 2 years, originally starting as a free internet library of web sites edited by humans. They appear to be listed in DMOZ and their directory is completely devoid of pharmacy and gambling related web sites.

Overall I found the directory to be one of the most well organized I've recently come across. And it is damn pretty to look at as well.

My advice to other directory owners or those starting a directory is to take a good look at WEBxperience. These guys seem to know what they are doing!