Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Signature Links on Forums

Do they work? I guess you have to look at them for what they are worth.

I would be willing to bet that more value is gained from those clicking on the actual signature links in a forum posters post, than those links being indexed by a Search Engine, and then visited by someone using that Search Engine.

Forum signature links are useful on several different levels. They can build a brand/site awareness amongst those on a forum. For instance, the more links you see of the same site advertised in a forum, the more apt you are to clicking on the link.

Generally those that have thousands of posts tend to have a larger percentage saturation within a search engine. For instance, someone with 5,000 posts who ads a signature link will automatically generate 5,000 links with this signature, throughout the forum.

While this may saturate a forum, and can certainly lead to a lot of notice amongst those visiting the forum. This does not always translate into 5,000 indexed pages of links for that forum poster. However, there will be a large percentage of those links indexed than say someone with only 500 posts.

Ultimately, I think that there is a great value in signature links, but believe this value comes more from within the forum community than outside of it. What I am trying to indicate is that forum signatures are more useful in getting brand awareness than PR passing back links.

Friday, May 25, 2007


SeekWonder Memorial Day Listing Sale 70% reductions!

That's right folks. In honor of Memorial Day, SeekWonder Directory has lowered listing fees as much as 70% is some cases.

The break down is as follows:

Basic listings normally $4.95 are just $1.95

Sponsored Listings normally $9.95 are just 3.95

Sponsored Category Listings normally $19.95 are just $7.95

Hurry while you can, this sale will not last long... Happy Memorial Day.

You can visit SeekWonder Directory here: http://www.seekwonder.com

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The Great Weight Experiment

Ok, so many have said that the DP Coop has caused them to be de-indexed by Google. Other's have noted harsh penalties from Google. I've seen several mixed results myself.

As an experiment, I've decided to disable every ad for every site I have in the Coop. I've left ads only on one large indexed, heavily traffic'd, and completley GH site.

I've sent 100% of my weight (some six digits) to one landing page site. The results in just a few days...

Without devulging the site or site stats (for competitive reasons), what I can tell you is since making these changes 4 days ago, I've seen an increase in site revenue of an average of $1.00/week, to over $10 per day!

I will be monitoring this closely to see what happens... Stay tuned!

Monday, May 14, 2007


KingBloom Search Terms Released again!

Most Popular Search Time Queries that lead to the KingBloom Directory

1. thesaurs 1,267
2. webblogs
3. relestate 1187
4. debonairblog 1177
5. wifelovers 1113
6. flowriders 998
7. online thesaurs 987
8. onlinefreegames 979
9. kingbloom.com 976
10. globalhouseplan 973
11. globalhouseplan 970
12. msn renkli nick 967
13. envionment 961
14. mid wives 958
15. womeninslips 957
16. url videos 957
17. web directory 949
18. psuedo science 947
19. gardendesing 923
20. flipthishouse 897

These appear to be some of the more popular search keywords leading people to various categories at KingBloom. If you have a site that fists one of these keywords and or search phrases, you might think about listing in the KingBloom Directory!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Directory Tip of the Week

Don't be afraid to move sites to the appropriate category, even if they have paid to be in one you believe is inappropriate. A friendly note of explanation to the site owner might be in order.

It's my belief that a directories true merit lies in it's organization and relevant placement of sites. Don't be afraid to put things were they belong!

Monday, May 07, 2007


SeekWonder Makes PR4

Well, SeekWonder Directory, has managed a PR 4 this go around. Thank you to all those that have listed in our directory, and or linked to us.

We have made several improvements to our back end, and editing system to insure the directory remains fresh and full of active, current and well organized content rich sites.

Why not visit us today and think about listing your site. http://www.seekwonder.com

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Pulling out of the CoOP

Well, I've been able to confirm that every one of my sites that has either displayed coop ads, or had coop weight thrown to them has been expunged from Google for that reason and that reason alone.

I am said to say that I cannot divulge the source of my contention, but it is reliable, and comes from inside the seventh letter of the alphabet.

It was a nice ride while it lasted. I'm sad to say though, it appears to have run it's course!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


PR finally updated - Half Assed as Usual

As usual, all the legitimate sites on the internet are clobbered in the collateral damage caused by Google's PR updates. Indexed, de-indexed and re-indexed. All the buzz has kept many a webmaster forum with droves of ongoing useless - cry me a river threads about PR.

My philosophy as of late is to simply focus on everything but PR. Worrying about it, and the damage caused by Google's unwillingness to properly refine their algo, is futile at best.

Good quality organic links, or targeted purchased links with relevancy to ones own site and or site content is the way to go IMO.

For those that were screwed by the latest update... Better luck next time!