Thursday, December 27, 2007


The art of forum speak

Many ask me why I am so active on the forum circuit, particularly in P&R (Political/Religious) forum threads..

Simple.. Controversy equals dollars.. Posting in heated discussion can often lead to people digging around your signatures, profile, and ultimately your web site.

Love you, or hate you... They all eventually end up doing business with you in some way, and me in return.

The key to good forum posting especially in a P&R environment is to keep your cool, never take things to personally, and never let your emotions dictate your posts... You'll find that you end up good friends with some of the people you disagree with most, and even better friends with those that look like they may just hate your guts.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Trojan Horse Kicks Google Ads Off Web Pages

A new Trojan is going around that apparently removes Google Adsense ads from web pages and replaces it with it's own group of money generating ads. This means lost revenue for both Google and their advertisers, as well as those that makes pages containing Adsense.

There is really no way around this problem because the Trojan, or program that controls this is installed directly on the end users computer.

The Malware which has been named Trojan.Qhost.WI directs a web browser to download ads from a different server than that of the Google ad server. The Trojan is apparently not spreading very fast, so it is only a small threat at the moment.

However, those purchasing ads from Google should be aware of the potential for lost exposure. And those webmasters earning money from ads displaying Google's Ads are likely to lose some valuable revenue and traffic as a result.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Peopls are still buying and selling links

Despite all the hoopla, and bs surrounding the mass conspiracy theories as it concerns Google, PR/SERPS and the buying and selling of links it would appear that people are buying and selling links more than ever..